In the mouth of social media: Keys to speak ‘more and better’ our brand

The efficiency of feedback influences on the growth of brands and companies, has been tested extensively but … how do we talk to our brand?

To begin we must keep in mind that this is a process that consolidates a long-term time horizon. No matter dynamics that are viral and social platforms, networks are woven from quality and trust, which takes time (and time) for our actions from becoming efficient.

In the mouth of social media Keys to speak more and better our brandKeys to speak of our brand

Quality content. You must be able to transform your brand into a content generator “expert” nature. This will increase the social action, debate and advocacy.

Conforms teams through the union of influences, in this way we multiply the chances of reaching our target efficiently. Obviously, you must have adequate investment expected to form a working team motivated, proactive and loyal.

Proximity and visibility, what you’re looking for is the first thing to deliver. Consumers today are looking for the generation of ties with people, beyond companies and their products.

Remember that promotion becomes more and more efficient the more motivates your target audience. To achieve this , nothing better to deliver what they seek, beyond the business objectives of your brand.

It fosters achievement – reward policy. Sweepstakes, discounts, promotions, your most loyal users, make a difference and provide the customer the feeling of being “unique” and automatically transforms an ambassador for our brand.

It is visible where your customers are, if we speak of our brand we allow it. At present the tandem formed by the four giants of Social Media, provides an overview of our brand. Content, community, influence, talent, allow us to show to our target.

Social will, thanks, greets mentions, share, send a greeting as a message … the key to getting people to talk about your brand is on empathy and commitment to us to personalize our actions with each of our followers.

Communities = tribes, horizontal growth, is no doubt that, immersed in the concept “benchmark” we find the ability to transform into a guide for our target audience, a tribe of users evangelized to help us maintain our horizontal growth.

At present, our reputation precedes us, is who makes us visible. Being in the mouth of Social Media today will only be positive if our actions are genuine.It is the ingenuity and commitment that the recommendation is based No Do you think?

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