In Social media, the more you win the one you confuse than the one who does nothing

The emergence of social networks and social media generated a new scenario where users, consumers and brands learned to coexist. However, it was not easy for many companies to adapt to this new environment where consumers took on a new role and grabbed more power than they ever imagined. These gallons in the form of amplified voice, served to demand a greater commitment to the companies and brands, and with that, to verify how many of the most pioneering and social brands, made a real effort to generate stronger relations through the conversation and A greater attention to solve the problems that their customers and consumers manifested through these means.

Undoubtedly, achieving this level of commitment was a great challenge for each of the companies that made the leap to social media. And of course, many of them with misguided decisions, big mistakes and even badly planned strategies. Of course, it is not a simple task to adapt to the new habits of consumers, and in this process, the method of testing, trial and error has been a constant with which companies have learned to work to refine and define more Clear their objectives and how to act in each moment and circumstance.

What if. There are still those who are still mistaken at this point. What causes a certain scenic fear in those who still do not have it clear or have not taken the definitive step to launch to the media and social networks. And it’s no secret that many companies still prefer to stay away from 2.0 environments because of the fear of failing in their attempt or of becoming the target of a boycott of critical consumers. And as a fashion, there are also those who criticize with harsh strategies, errors or lack of commitment and presence of many companies in social media.

The truth is that social networks have come to overflow many large companies and not so large. Even the most prestigious traditional advertising agencies have had to undergo a complete renovation where they have emerged the profiles of new experts and professionals, and a great change in the needs of their customers and brands that now adopt social networks as a habit where it is Essential to be present actively.

Everything we have learned during this time has undoubtedly served to make it clearer which way to go, and what is the most correct and correct way of doing things. However, despite good professionalism and good intentions, no entity, brand or company is free to commit new mistakes or to be involved in a crisis of reputation whose mecha can be ignited by the dissatisfaction of a group of consumers.

The mistakes of course will always be those that show us those aspects of our business or company that we can improve to increase the satisfaction and commitment of our customers while improving the reputation of our business. The test, trial and errors will always be a present method that accompanies us in this journey of evolution and continuous changes.

This is the main reason to lose the fear of the social media, but above all understanding that the more you win the one you confuse than the one who does nothing to change things.

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