How to act on twitter to not seem like a newbie

You are responsible for managing the newly created profile of your company on Twitter, you already have some notions about socialmedia, but you lack the much needed experience … You want to be active, but you fear not knowing how to do it correctly, seem inexperienced … in short: look like a newbie . If you want your journey through the starling social network to be satisfactory, keep in mind the following main points:

Clearly define your objectives. The first step is to seriously consider what your objectives will be, both quantitative and qualitative, answer the question: why are you on Twitter? reason, it does not help you that “We are on Twitter because you have to be, everyone does it …” what do you want to achieve? What will be the position you adopt? If you do not have a reason to be, better not even try …

Based on these objectives, a specific strategy is proposed, which includes the approach of the social profile, the tone of the conversation, the type of messages to be communicated and the way of acting in each situation. It will never be the same to use the Twitter profile as a customer service tool, than as a means to improve online reputation or for promotional purposes.

Develop a personality of its own. You have already defined the image you want to transmit, now you have to ask yourself how you are going to do it, what are the characteristics that define you on Twitter, how are you going to show your community and what kind of actions you are going to carry out. Do not blindly copy what others do, it may work for them, but you do not know how it will work for you, and what is worse, you will be “another more”, without a defined character, that does not bring anything new … in this way you will never get to be anyone in social networks.

Optimize your time on Twitter. This section is very important, since the most valuable asset you have is your time, do not waste it on unnecessary tasks. It establishes a work protocol that includes, in order of priority, monitoring tasks, mentions and responses management, followers tracking and content publication. Start a trial period and adapt this protocol to get the most suitable, it will be of great help every day.

Do not start the house by the roof.The world was not made in a day, so be patient, go with firm but determined step and meditate every step. In principle it is normal that the twitterers do not pay much attention to you, for that reason, dedicate yourself to listen, pay attention to what moves in the sector and especially to the leaders; At this point effective monitoring is essential, use the appropriate tools. They do not necessarily have to compete, there are many influencers, bloggers and twitterers, especially active, from whom you can learn a lot and with whom it is convenient to get along. It would be good if you started to follow them, retweet some relevant content and even decide to interact with them; They are the first steps to make your way on Twitter. If you launched the first day to tweet right and wrong the normal thing is that you get little feedback, if you still do not know you, how do you expect them to interact with you?

No followers collections on Twitter, create a community. Betting on quality, having a large number of inactive followers or not interested in your sector is not going to serve you at all: they will not interact with you, they will not talk about you, there will still be less chance of them retweeting or recommending you, why do you want them then? ?

Take care of the content you communicate. Provide quality, choose a content that really enriches the timeline of your followers. Avoid above all superfluous comments, no one is interested in knowing what you are having breakfast or why you have to queue at the bank; rest assured that your followers have more important information to read and this type of messages only cause saturation and discontent.

When you feel ready to take the initiative and launch yourself to tweet, open a door to the conversation, make proposals that invite you to participate. It is not necessary to use the 140 characters of the twitts, on the contrary, it is not recommended, but the “less is more” is practiced: to communicate the maximum with the minimum number of words. In this way the response is encouraged and the retwitt is favored. You can help by asking a question, or beginning a sentence and encouraging users to finish it … Use interesting topics for your audience, do not center your speech on the promotion of your company or its products, remember that social networks are a channel of communication, not an advertising medium.

Always respond to mentions, but in a personalized way, do not look like a robot and above all keep in mind that social networks are characterized by immediacy, if you respond 3 days later to a mention or question on Twitter you will transmit an image of little professionalism and lack of seriousness.

That your answers have a mixture of creativity, personalization, added value, promotion and a touch of humor, with this you will generate a certain climate of approach, previous step to establish a certain interactivity, that if you know how to maintain it and create new connections, your community will grow and consolidating.

Do you consider yourself a good twitterer? How do you manage your profile? What kind of strategy works for you?

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