Google ignores Facebook without giving relevance for the SEO

The activity on social networks is one of the factors that Google is considering lately when giving greater relevance in search results to a page against another.

A scale that does not apply to all social networks alike. As shown in the study of Stone Temple, the search engine search engine has particular account the interactions generated in other social networks, especially Google+, while ignoring its impact on Facebook.

SEO processAccording to his data, Google is not able to record the social interactions of a fanpage. Although it can measure the number of Likes on a page or content, you are not able to measure the quality of them, nor know for sure who has made such interaction. Such actions could be performed by a follower committed to the brand, or service that sells Likes at low cost.Hence the impossibility of knowing the actual relevance of a brand on Facebook, which takes you dismiss this indicator for SEO positioning.

Instead, Google is completely transparent to the browser. Stone Temple stucco recorded that the content of the pages of this platform 2.0 are screened every 6 seconds, an action that is repeated every time users share that content.

This finding reinforces the results published in July in the study of Searchmetrics, who stood to Google SEO as the main factor. However, in this study the influence of other social channels are not discarded. In fact, Searchmetrics indicated that the comments and Likes on Facebook generated are 3 of the 5 main factors when positioning a site. Even it indicated that Facebook is as important as the number of backlinks of a page.

Stone Temple work calls into question the transparency of Google when assessing social interactions. While still assessing the activity especially in Social Media, it has focused this scale on its platform, sweeping for home and thereby boosting Google. Not surprisingly, this year ranked as the second social network, in number of active users, according to the Global Web Index.

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