Future marketers bet on Social Media in all areas of marketing

The new generation of marketing professionals has a very particular vision of how communication will be in the coming years.

Following the survey conducted by MediaSchool to students between 20 and 25 years, we have learned that for them marketing of the future is dominated by content marketing and relational communication, based on the principles of PR and The WOM; As well as that advertising will be more directed to entertain, than to sell. Certainly, these precepts move away from the usual practice, where actions with exclusive commercial character are widely enforced.

Future marketers bet on Social Media in all areas of marketingFrom the study, carried out on a sample of 2,000 young people that are being formed in the areas of advertising, communication, design, marketing or RR.PP, we can draw these main conclusions:

  • Young people between the ages of 20 and 25 are not considered digital natives, according to 70%, that name corresponds to those born a decade later. However, they are fully aware of the importance of new technologies and digital marketing.
  • This new generation is really aware that Social Media is an essential part of marketing. 90% believe that Social Media is a channel that has a place in all its areas and is fully convinced that the agency where it works will offer a comprehensive communication strategy, combining strategies of advertising, social marketing or RR.PP; among other.
  • 85% firmly believe that within approximately 10 years digital agencies will not be the only companies specializing in digital communications, but this discipline will be integrated within the marketing agencies to use as part of their full service charter.
  • Content marketing and customer-centric communication are the foundation of new marketing
  • 81% are strongly committed to content marketing, to the point where they believe that generating their own content within the company will be a regular task in 2013.
  • For 70% it is essential to have a PR strategy, in order to promote “word of mouth”, aimed at building confidence in the brand.
  • Television advertising will continue to speak, according to what 68% of these students think, although it will have to evolve and adapt to the new needs of the audience, who go on to base their strategy on entertainment and entertainment content, more Than in launching a commercial message.

Generally speaking, this new generation has been stepping up, has clear ideas on how it wants the new marketing and the importance of social communication to meet its goal. He is also optimistic about the possibilities offered by the sector and the new world that appears before his feet.

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