Experts in e-mailing results are in favor of good practice

If there is a fundamental challenge about e-mailing method it is that of the deliverability of messages. The reason is that the exponential volumes of e-mails sent have put in place tools against spam. So, increasingly strive messages reach inboxes.

Experts in e-mailing of results (mainly affiliation platforms) are in favor of good practice. It is necessary to overcome the obstacles in the volume of e-mails that are received. The aim is to redevelop the e-mailing of results and ISPs, the arbiters of deliver ability, it revalue.

The e-mailing of results is primarily an acquisition channel. For the advertiser, the challenge is simple: transform the maximum of new contacts into customers. Therefore, when you trust a campaign of e-mailing based on the results to a specialist, its effectiveness is judged primarily depending on the number of customers obtained. No matter much that the spread has been done to millions of addresses.

Experts in e-mailing results are in favor of good practiceHowever, the number of advertisers who have used this system has increased, as the number of messages sent, on the basis of ever larger data. Add to that the presence of actors sometimes opportunistic added. The result is that the system no longer has a very good image and ISPs protect their customers with rules against spam are increasingly drastic. Rules which, moreover, no one really knows …

Therefore, ensuring the deliver ability of messages has become a challenge. The ability of an e-mail to reach inboxes therefore contributes to the campaigns of e-mailing are of quality and deliver results. Today, this deliverability depends increasingly on the ISP. As arbiters of spam, filter emails, regarding the technical aspects (The message is legible? Is it understandable?), And in terms of reputation (the site that sent the e-mail it is visited? Has certain notoriety?). Specifically, the rules of filtering ISPs remain a “black box”. Therefore, experts system e-mailing of results they wish to continue cleaning up the practices and establishing a constructive dialogue with ISPs on filtering rules clear for everyone.

In this sense, affiliation platforms by the CPA (Collective affiliation platforms), and affiliated to the campaigns of e-mailing professionals who collect and manage databases in accordance with the regulations in force, wish to speak to one only voice.

A first workhorse resides in the collection practices address. It is essential to show the ISP best practices to convince them that not press against spam in e-mailing of results. On this, the law requires the explicit consent of the Internet to receive e-mails advertising, this is where the CPA affiliation platforms are intransigent. Only they agree to work with affiliates to e-mailing campaigns that are fully consistent with the law, an argument in its favor in the ISP. The platforms want to continue their work on ways of clarifying and regularizing new collection points, especially on the concepts of Opt in affiliates.

Another focus of the work is to deal with the system performance. It is necessary to stop the current thinking according to which it is necessary to spread to a greater number of contacts to maintain the results. Certain advertisers target 25 million addresses per month … But real through technologies duplication of e-mailing strategy allows reducing marketing pressure, keeping the results demonstrating a quality dissemination and targeted.

In terms of results, the open rate and click rate are two key criteria. A campaign must therefore conceive messages technically can be read, even on mobile terminals. Likewise, they should appear, in particular, the subject and sender. More generally, the platforms should play an advisory role on advertisers to educate them regarding best practices.

Finally, advertisers must adjust their expectations based on the average of results by sector. A campaign to collect in the field of automobile or banking will not generate the same rate of leads. Platforms help advertisers to set goals at a good level, with an experience and a permanent control of the market. Hence it has to mitigate the massive diffusion.

At the end, we all know regulate and educate this market in order to allow the e-mailing of results ISPs continue to show their quality. The affiliation platforms are positioned as spokespersons for their best practices and have to be heard. The idea is to reach an agreement with ISPs on the definition of an e-mail that cannot be filtered, if possible as soon as possible.

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