Emailing and Social Media: The fashionable couple

Far from what you would expect, emailing is alive and well, every day with renewed strength. To maintain its hegemony, he has managed to move his chips and conquer social networks, to become the most chic couple of the moment. They have become inseparable, together they walk through the mailboxes of all the contacts that the companies have. 

The good results have not been long in coming, they already receive praise from marketing professionals, who are eager to have them, coordinating their tasks to get the most out of this media outlet:

97% of the emails that are sent have the support From Facebook,Who knows how to increase the impact and virality of the message. On the other hand, the Twitter social network does not escape either, and is claimed 91% of the time. It is also interesting to highlight the presence of the Youtube audiovisual network, which is present in almost half of the shipments.

Pinterest seems a priori the shy sister, as it makes an appearance for the moment in 32% of visits to users’ inboxes; but its price is increasing, given its great effectiveness when generating buzz. It is undoubtedly the one who best develops when promoting the opening of emails, getting an opening rate of 14.1%, followed closely by Twitter and overwhelmingly surpassing Mark Zuckemberg, who has to settle for the third place, remaining at 12.7%.

Linking the name of Facebook to a mailing is a guarantee of success. 60% of brands that make their shipments including in the subject the magic word “Facebook” experience a growth of 27% in the traffic of your website. These visits come from the blue network during the week following the shipment.

The blue bird also embroiders its paper. The rate of opening of mailings that encourage users to follow companies on Twitter is 9.5% higher than the rest of mailings that are made by email.

The last will be the first. Despite being the least time in this world, Pinterest has burst into the scene, becoming a star of first level. The interest generated is such that the mailings that promote it increase the opening rate by 11%.

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