Content Marketing, the great bulwark of marketing for 2017

Throughout the year we have been able to see a great fluctuation in the investment of time and money in marketing by the companies. What would be expected with the current delicate economic situation is a general decline, although the Global Pulse ADView report, offered by Nielsen, indicates that during the first half of the year there was a generalized increase that benefited almost all advertising media, which meant at a global level, an increase in spending of 2.7%.

The study shows a 7.2% increase in spending on online advertising and marketing; A figure that has a special treatment where “content marketing” is positioned as one of the great players and strategic solutions for companies this coming year 2017.

The creation of content is shaped like the pretty girl of the “marketeros”

According to a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, 90% of respondents said that content marketing will play a leading role in the coming year. Although for the moment, the same source shows that only one third of the economic resources are allocated to this sector.

42% of marketers believe that companies do not have the necessary human resources to develop an effective content marketing strategy, while 35% complain about the lack of budget.

However, according to a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketing departments are spending about 33% of their content marketing budgets. On average, B2B marketing departments are spending about 33% of their content marketing budgets, up 26% on last year. And in the same line, 54% expect to continue to increase this concept in the next year. Only 2% expect to see a reduction.

Among the main advantages of content marketing is its potential to attract the target audience and generate engagement; This was recognized by more than half of the participants in the Econsultancy study.

The content marketing strategy must be aimed at providing a differential value on the brand. The company must transmit its own personality, that its content reflects a unique and particular way of acting, that is able to be identified with the brand, to describe it.

A revealing fact of the future of content marketing is that 64% of companies consider that it will be constituted as “their own discipline”, will be important enough to be considered one more means to reach the customer.

The British Content Marketing Association (CMA) also  highlights the potential of content marketing as a resource with great potential that can positively help brands achieve greater relevance, gain new customers and retain existing ones.

In addition, content marketing is very useful for consumers, who use it to obtain useful and quality information about the product and the company. 82% acknowledge to consume this type of content, as long as it is relevant.

Content Marketing to Promote Engagement

The report “Best practices in content marketing: Getting engagement through digital channels” also shows us that brands are betting strongly on content marketing, developing strategies aimed at attracting customers, gaining their trust and fidelity. Therefore, companies are committed to content marketing to promote engagement, something especially revealing if we consider that 9 out of 10 companies measure the success of their campaign based on this criterion.

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