Content marketing companies lack strategy, budget and staff

Only 1 in 3 companies has a content marketing strategy, as the first Content Marketing Survey Report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with Outbrain; where they have interviewed over 1300 digital marketing professionals.

90% of companies recognize the importance of content marketing, which even their relevance will increase over the next year, but they have not yet taken it seriously, they still do not devote the necessary resources. 73% of them agree that “brands are becoming publishers”.

2 out of 3 professionals believe that content marketing is a discipline in itself.
Only 1 in 3 companies dedicates budget and less than half of them have staff dedicated to it.
Content marketing is primarily a project for the future: more than half of the companies are planning to include content marketing strategies, although they do not specify when.

When choosing between content marketing and advertising, only 12% of companies prefer the latter; however, less than half of respondents spend more than 20% of their budget to invest in content.

There is a close relationship between content marketing and Social Media strategy

Marketing professionals can not avoid using content marketing in their Social Media strategy, 83% of them use it in their Social Media actions, more than any other type of content. In fact, posting posts and updates on social networks are the second most effective content type, only after e-mailing. 78% of them also recognize that it uses it to get the engagement, to get closer to users and get traffic to the web. If they do not offer them quality content, they will not be able to arouse their interest in the brand.

In practice, companies use content marketing, but not based on a defined strategy; nor dedicate the economic and personal resources necessary to make the most of it.

Everything indicates that they will continue to use, increasing their use. Among the objectives pursued by these companies with their content strategy is to increase engagement (52%), increase web traffic (42%) and achieve greater relevance for the brand (35%). They are on the right path, they just have to bet decisively on a professional content strategy. What is your content marketing strategy based on? Do you plan to invest more resources in it?

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