Companies bet more than ever for online Marketing professionals

Specialist in e-Commerce, online marketing specialist and SEO / SEM consultant, the most demanded profiles, according to Page Personnel

Currently, the online channel has become one of the most used tools by companies to promote their brand and is an integral part of their marketing strategy. The economic recession has pushed this sector even further, which has experienced great growth in recent years. Due to this, companies demand more and more specialized professionals with high knowledge in online strategy. In response to this new demand, Page Personnel, leader in specialized temporary work and direct selection of intermediate managers and qualified support staff, has a specialized division in Digital & e-Commerce from which this type of profile is selected.

One of the most requested positions in this area is that of e-Commerce specialist. This professional is responsible for managing the online sales platform, providing its strategic vision and basic technical knowledge to resolve incidents and improve the conversion to sales. Taking into account that the volume of sales in the online channel grows above 20% annually, it is clear that in 2011 companies have hired 75% more of these professionals, compared to the previous year.

The online marketing specialist, or specialist of the online channel, manages all areas of online marketing, including, in most cases, the community mangement. Preserving the digital image of the brand in social networks and integrating viral campaigns and capturing leads or customers in these channels is one of its main functions within the company. According to Page Personnel’s data, online marketing specialist positions have increased by more than 120% during the last year.

Finally, companies, mostly consultants or agencies, demand SEO / SEM consultants for project development. It is a very technical profile, which has both a very strategic vision to implement Google Adwords campaigns and use the different analytical tools to control their results. The most technical knowledge does not make sense if it is not accompanied by sufficient commercial know-how to guarantee the impact on the expected results account when implementing said strategy.

“The exploitation of the online channel has meant a great increase in the placements of these professionals. In the current conjuncture, these professional profiles have proven to be an investment with real and short-term return. The outlook for this type of position is positive, given the rapid evolution of the sector and the more than proven real profitability of its shares, “said Eloisa Reinoso of Page Personnel.

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