Companies advance their content marketing strategy for the end of summer

No one caught by surprise that customers are looking for information on the Internet. However, an interesting fact is that this period of searching for information prior to purchase increasingly longer. This is confirmed by the latest work of Google Shopping, who has researched about user behavior on the occasion of the upcoming back to school.

Companies advance their content marketing strategy for the end of summerIts figures show that this year students began to investigate Internet for information and related content two weeks earlier than last year. For this reason, many companies advance their content marketing strategy for the end of summer. Particularly since the second half of July. Only a small group will leave this task to the end (5%), while the group of followers to last minute shopping is reduced to 2%. In addition, these customers are planning to shop mostly before the first 15 days of August (65%); It is this fortnight where the largest number of purchases (30%) will be recorded. These purchases materialize not only online, the information found on the Internet also influences them when shopping in physical stores.

This new reality requires companies to prepare further in advance your marketing strategy, highlighting their marketing content. Most customers are looking for online information about the products you are interested in purchasing. We have already seen how the 62% plan their purchases in advance, therefore, companies that offer content and more interesting proposals will be doing your August, never better.

Bids will also play an important role

94% of buyers indicated that promotions induce him to buy. Especially in the case of electronic products. Customers pay special attention to discounts on these products, last minute or special days.

The video as inspiration

Video content is a powerful attraction. Users are directed to YouTube for ideas, news and advice of others. 73% of buyers who searched videos on back to school specifically wanted to find videos of people like them, people meet everyday experiences. Only in the last week they have uploaded 205,000 videos of people talking about their latest purchases of clothing, accessories or how they decorated their room. This type of searches has doubled since last year. In addition, conversion does not occur only online.

Users positively value this type of content. 40% of respondents indicated that visited a site or moved to a physical store following a video found on YouTube.

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