Colours and Marketing- Why is Colours so Important

Marketing is an important thing to get right – if you look at successful companies, they have something in common – they are all great at marketing and have a strong brand. This is something that can make or break a business and many successful companies approach a brand design agency to make sure that they do this properly.


One of the most important things to think about in marketing is the use of colour. Colour has an enormous impact on a brand and how successful it is. Here are a few example colours and how they can be used in marketing…


Red – This bright and bold colour is used to get people’s attention. This bold colour is often used in fast food as it can invoke feelings of energy as well as grabbing attention. Be wary of using it though as it is also able to portray danger and fear – a red traffic light or a horror film are also places where red is popular.

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Yellow – The happy sunshine colour is used for exactly that – to promote warm and happy feelings of joy. The colour yellow is bright as well as being friendly, so it is a popular choice for many companies who want to promote their brand as having a happy and jolly feel to it.

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Blue – The colour blue is known to be soothing as well as being associated with dependability and trustworthiness. Many financial companies use the colour blue for this reason, as well as medical companies.

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