Aspects of the reputation that affect email marketing

Do email marketing, when done correctly; you can generate good results and benefits for your company. Therefore, you need to plan strategically sending mass emails from your company, always looking for a suitable level to keep your reputation online.

First, let’s understand a little about the importance and relevance of the reputation for sending email marketing campaigns.

As you know, the reputation of a domain or IP decides whether your email marketing campaigns enter the inbox of your readers or go directly to the tray spam. If you are concerned about the reputation of your domain or IP, there are several factors that you should remember and consider whenever you send email marketing campaigns.

The reputation is related to the IP address you use to send your email campaigns. Basically, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) assess the reputation ranking the different parameters related to sending campaigns. It is important to understand these parameters and analytical formulas for your email marketing campaigns more effective.

Aspects of the reputation that affect email marketingAccording to a survey conducted by Return Path, approximately 20% of email marketing campaigns that are not sent SPAM; end up in the tray spam recipient. If your company sends, or plan to send email marketing campaigns, we recommend that you begin to familiarize yourself with some factors that influence deliverability rates of your emails:

Extensive contact list

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or “Internet providers” often hamper the delivery of email marketing campaigns that are sent to large lists of very extensive contacts. Thus, ISPs protect users from spammers usually send SPAM messages in large quantities. The best email marketing tools, as Emailmanager, effect firing campaigns with an interval between deliveries, to prevent falling into the tray campaigns spam.

Low quality contact list

When we say that a list of contacts is low quality? Basically, when the emails listed have not been acquired properly, i.e. through “opt-in”, “double opt -in” or “soft opt-in” and therefore he is not interested in receiving communications your business. Example: Purchased lists contacts. If you purchased one of these databases we recommend that you get rid of it as soon as possible. If you keep sending emails to these lists, it is likely that your domain is marked as a spammer (if it is not already!) And, consequently, the reputation of your shipments will be affected, so your emails will be labeled as suspects spam and fall directly into the mailbox of spam.

High percentage of complaints

Surely you’ve noticed that, in the main email providers, there are buttons ‘SPAM’, where the user can mark an email as such. Most Internet users already know this system and use this button without fear. How can then minimize complaints in shipments? Make sure your list is 100% “opt-in”! If you receive a high number of complaints is likely to have a bad reputation due to historical emails sent to requested not to receive your communications campaigns.

High percentage of rejected: It is possible to identify two types:

  • “Soft Bounce” – In this case, rejection is not as serious as it means that the email can not be delivered due to a temporary problem, for example, because the mailbox is full.
  • “Hard bounce” – This is the worst rejections. It means that the email could not be delivered due to a permanent error, for example, an account that is disabled.

ISPs, are more concerned rejections like “Hard Bounce”. You need to keep updated your contact list and remove emails that are turned off. Note that even with only an email rejected and affects your reputation and may adversely affect the deliverability of your mailings.

Monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or key performance indicators

Try to monitor complaints and deliverability rates of your emails. In this way, you can keep up with the changes that may occur and that can affect your reputation, according to each situation.

It is a fact that many of the people who are responsible for marketing companies have no idea how to protect and maintain the effectiveness of a good reputation online. However, the answer for this to happen is not complicated. To ensure, from the outset, the quality of your online reputation is crucial to remember that your contact list is the most important detail in the world of email marketing . The contact list should be updated and cleaned frequently to ensure active contacts and interested in receiving emails from your company.

Create a contact list of qualified contacts can take time. In fact, it is a slow process completely create a list of “opt-in” contacts but in this case, the results are infinitely better. Make sure your contact list is completely “opt-in” to avoid having to bear the consequences of having your online reputation tarnished and marked Spammer!

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