7 pillars of digital content strategy and development

Every day that passes we are clear the advantages that you have to bet on your blog / web for the contents. However, although the concept is clear, few are clear as they have to be. Let’s see what should be the 7 characteristics or pillars of digital content.

7 pillars of digital content strategy and developmentThere must be interaction

In the contents of our site there must be things to do, things must happen. Not only must texts appear or display certain files. If our article has a video, it has a form, it allows to participate in a contest, to buy a product, to register in something, …. much better, that will make that the visitor spend more time in our page, even that it recommends it.

Content updated

The permanent renewal of content makes our site have many visits. Some sites change their content countless times throughout the day, upload things and remove them quickly (to generate interaction with users and have to give their data in order to receive them). It is also interesting to leave a space for comments and for users to participate, they (in many cases) contribute ideas that we escape.

Supported by multiple devices

There is an increasing aspect to keep in mind. Have you ever found a page that can not be seen with your mobile device – ipad, iphone, … – It gives a lot of rage and that is a blatant failure of the designers. According l ata until February had been sold 27.4 million iphones and, until April, 42 million ipads in 6 months. Even, there are many people who have abandoned the use of pc’s and changed by this type of devices.


Apart from leaving open to the participation of the visitors and users of your page, it is convenient that you use a direct language, not terms used in journalism or complicated lexicon. Something direct, communicate with the visitor saying ¿have you realized that, …?, Have you stopped to think, …?

Another important aspect is to invite you to click on the icons of social networks (I like, tweet, …), this gives you a greater pageranking.

Related content

The more links you have, the easier it is and clearer. An article that links with many others (inside and outside your website) makes search engines consider it as a post of much more quality than others. In turn you will get those who receive your link can return the favor and bind you.


You have many options to position yourself in search engines, why you always use the same ones. Have you seen the Google recommendation box? Have you stopped to think how many people are looking for images? Do you know how many video users there are? What about Adwords? 

You never know where a person interested in your content can go, so the more you cover the better.

Get users to distribute your content

If you put a link with an application to download, a video, an ebook you write and get it from your website. Apart from recommending your family, friends and clients to recommend and distribute your content, … you will allow content that is located in place to reach many more people.

An example, if I write or tweet interesting and I get to 20 of my followers and they retwittean or mark as favorite, are you able to think the scope that can have that?

Keep turning it around and bring everything you can think of.

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