10 things companies should take into account in social networks

Sure you have read a thousand and one items where you indicate what you have to do on social networks, when to publish, or how to set up your social profiles. However, few people tells you what you should not do, under any circumstances, when you manage the online presence of a brand.

It is as obvious errors as easy to avoid. Everything depends on the use of common sense, and you’re really aware that you are representing a brand.You do not speak for your own voice, expressing your personal opinion ratings, but you must always take into account the important role you play, conveying the feel and the corporate philosophy of the brand.

10 things companies should take into account in social networksThe main mistake many brands is not an effective way to hear from its users. Social networks are a place for conversation, where continuous dialogue and exchange of views and information is produced. It is therefore appropriate that displays your antennas and actively listen to everything going on around you. In this way, you’ll learn more about your target audience, identify their interests and, more importantly, show that you’re there when you need them .

Universality can hurt sensibilities. When you broadcast a message, you address a broad audience, a group of people of varied nature, with its own way of thinking. It is important to note this, and care for the tone of your message, the theme and the idea that you convey very well.

Do not complicate your life to your followers . Users love the promotions and contests, but this does not mean they have to go through hell to qualify for a prize. Put things simple, you can get interactions and social impact without your followers will not cost blood, sweat and tears. If the answer is simple by participants, you will get more response and virality for your campaign.

You do not have sufficient resources to develop an effective strategy.The management of the online presence requires investment in both time and money and human resources. It is not possible to obtain positive results if you do not have professionals, dedicated exclusively to this area.

Social networks are not free, or get results overnight. This is a distancerace; a long journey where you must invest time and effort and great patience. Its effectiveness will depend on the bet you by these means, and a great customer service vocation.

Your actions are reduced solely to the field 2.0. Social networks are a great communication tool, but do not have to work alone; in fact it is counterproductive. Your Social Media Strategy should be part of themarketing plan of the company. The whole organization has to know the actions carried out and work together to improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

You have no ability to react. In social networks activity develops at a frenetic pace, which means that you must remain alert. At any time there may be a chance to impact with your message, and you have to be careful.An action on time, at the right time you can shoot the reputation of your brand. Practice newsjacking and get ready for your moment of glory.

Think twice before posting. Keep in mind that in a fit of creativity may sound very attractive, if not meditate can become a notorious failure.Careful to mention the misfortunes of others, treat particularly sensitive and delicate issues, as well as the words of bad taste. It should always be in the skin of those who will read it , before you click and launch the world any barbarity.

Social networks serve not to sell, but contribute to it. It is true that so far no company focuses its turnover in orders that come from Facebook, but that does not mean you should dismiss the potential of social networks to convert your followers into customers. They are the ideal channel to approach them, draw your attention to your products and gain their trust what are you waiting?

Do not underestimate the power of social networks. A bad customer experience, transmitted through social networks can seriously damage the reputation of your brand. Therefore closely monitors the activity related to your company and products, and duly serves your customers through 2.0 channels.

Do you know any examples of these malpractices? What other big mistakes can include?

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