The important partnership of content and digital signage

Some things just go together perfectly and once they are in pairs, it’s hard to imagine them alone – like Torvill and Dean or peaches and cream! The same can be said of digital signage and content. You can’t have one without the other. Putting signage and content together is a pairing from heaven.

Digital signage on its own is no good – Whilst digital signage is indeed a form of media, without content, it is media with no message. The content provides the message that supports your signage investment.

Content is the key route to reaching your customers. It is how you get your return on your hardware investment, by driving sales. It all boils down to marketing – the result of combining content with digital signage.

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Having screens that are very visible is great for grabbing the attention of customers and you need to provide them with clear, concise and direct marketing information. These will act as motivators for consumers to take action. There is little else available that can do this as well as digital signage. It remains the focal point for marketing and is used by countless brands. For more information on how you can benefit from Digital Signage, visit

However, it is all in vain if the content isn’t up to scratch. Thankfully, although there is inevitably an upfront cost with digital signage, you’ll get unlimited flexibility in how to use it, how often you change your content and how you fit it to your marketing strategy.

Can you recall the last time you saw or received a paper flyer and then rushed to the store to see a product? Probably not. Whilst online marketing is a great way to create referrals, digital media in public areas reaches 27% more people than simple online strategies do. With the right content, the more you can get in front of your customers vision, the better for your business.

The best way to increase sales is to use flexible content templates in close proximity to the place of purchase. A likely and popular place is next to check-outs. It’s not just for the retail environment however, as digital signage works equally effectively in restaurants too, driving food sales.

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In the restaurant business, some of the ways in which digital signage could be used includes:

Displaying promotions or special offers that encourage high returns.

Showing high-quality images to make customers feel hungry and show curiosity in foods they might not have otherwise tried.

Demonstrating a cost comparison of the different food size options, highlighting the value of going large, for example.

Additional product details that can affect purchases, such as nutritional information.

Another significant benefit of using digital signage in this way, is that it can easily be attributed back to return on investment. Some other marketing methods are a little more abstract and harder to see the results or take much longer. Using strong content on digital signage has tangible benefits and drives higher income in the present.



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