Why Catalogues are Still an Essential Part of your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing, we have lots of ways of doing things – especially with the rise of the internet, digital marketing has become the popular new kid on the block in the world of marketing. Although the world has embraced the power of the internet – and during the past year in particular it has helped not only many businesses adapt and survive, but it has also allowed schools to go ahead with online teaching too – there is still a lot to be said for using the more traditional marketing methods.

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One of the best marketing methods that many companies will still benefit from is the use of catalogues. Catalogues are fantastic for many reasons and a good catalogue design still stands the test of time against online marketing for a variety of reasons…


Firstly, a catalogue can hold a lot more information than an online ad. You can include a variety of products and be a lot more expansive on the information that you include, which customers will want to know.


A catalogue is something that can be read at your leisure. Many of us remember the thrill of looking through the Argos catalogue as a child, and the enjoyment of seeing all the potential toys lining the pages and the corresponding information! Online ads are usually something more of an inconvenience and don’t really stay in the mind as long.

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There are many ways to get your catalogue seen – companies may have it in their reception, you can put it in with orders to let customers know about other products or services you provide, and it is something that you can easily give out at trade shows and events.

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