Why can be more concerned cold leads?

Before answering this question, let us define lead as a user who has accessed our site to which you wanted to bring to captarle (landing page) and we have managed to attract enough to provide your basic contact information. This step web user to potential customer is making the web surfer into a lead.

So, once we have that lead I must categorize depending on whether it is a cold lead or hot. To do this we must have clear differences, as filed based on this commercial orientation that we give to that lead and aggressiveness with which interactions with him.

Why can be more concerned cold leads“That one is cold or hot lead will have to do with the maturation period of the process.”

In any process of purchase, the customer goes through a phase of searching for information (usually through Google in forums, websites of opinion and blogs) which analyzes and compares the different possibilities that exist to meet the need to be it has generated awakened. Later you will collect all those companies that can meet your need and analyzed in greater detail and depth the characteristics of their products or services.

In this step, the potential customer has already ruled some companies or brands in what Google called “Zero Moment of Truth”, that point still without knowing you’re deciding, in reality and you’re plumping for some companies in over others based on the views of other customers or readings on the network. After this last step of comparing features and prices, the potential customer will become real customer of one of these companies once taken its final decision.

In the early stages of this cycle of maturation of the purchase by the customer we talk about cold lead. Conversely, when the potential client gives us their data once it is already in the final part of your decision process we are facing a hot lead. Thus,

“The temperature at which the leads adjectival has to do with the distance or proximity to the potential customer has about the time he made the purchase.”

Why do we care more cold leads?

Clearly our power to influence the final decision will depend on the customer point where their buying process are. When the lead is cold, as we have seen, the client will still be in a stage of very primitive search information based more on opinions or experiences in technical or specific details. It is for this reason that if we can guide hand the potential customer through this process and we provide at all times what they are looking for, the chances of the end opting for our company will be much greater.

This is to identify the cycle usual for that product or service purchase very well and understand what will seek the customer at every stage in order to send or contact directly with what they are looking for and bring you the information and interest necessary to link our brand with quality and customization. Thus, a cold lead will become hot, and then to an actual sale, with the first choice for our company.

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