What Makes a Good Boss?

Everyone wants a great boss. A good one empowers employees to make decisions and takes a flexible approach to problems. A bad boss is constantly watching the clock, and does not recognise a job well done. It is difficult to work for someone who does not acknowledge your efforts, but there are some traits that make a good boss great. Here are just some of these traits.

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Knowledge of their staff. A good boss is aware of their employees’ skills and talents, and they are able to identify them. He or she is willing to spend time with workers and learn about their strengths, as well as their weaknesses. An excellent boss is also able to spot and recognise talent in others and delegate tasks accordingly. He or she can also be a great coach, assisting employees with skills training or promotion. Unfortunately, not everyone has a great boss. If you need information on making a Constructive Dismissal Claim, contact Employment Law Friend, experts in Constructive Dismissal Claim advice.

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Compassion. Compassion is an essential human quality, but this extends far beyond expressing interest in each individual. Good bosses understand their subordinates, allowing them to feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Compassionate bosses also understand the personal issues that affect their teams outside of work. They are sensitive to the concerns of their employees and strive to know their staff well outside of the workplace. By knowing the personal needs of their employees, good bosses create great teams.


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