What are the pillars that can help generate greater confidence in our brand?

Everyone talks about the experience of the consumer, the transformation that the company must experience, advertising, marketing, the professions that “traditionally” were considered powerful for controlling information, today a good of free access.

The great handicap faced by brands at the present time, is still linked to trust. The economic situation has transformed us into skeptics of the established and staunch defenders of ethics, justice, values, “the social”. Trust is the one that sustains the influence and today is the most valuable asset for the new company.

What are the actions that generate confidence? What impresses or can generate positive reactions about the current client? How to transform our social presence into an ally of the growth of our own business?

Encourage word of mouth risky?

Only if it is done badly, if it is not transparent or if it has not been invested in a good team and a good business plan.


How will we know what interests them, what led them to us, what is the greatest strength they find and weakness too, interact is essential to build brands under the umbrella of the new social order, it is necessary to seek efficiency and this is greater, the more solid are the links between people.

Generate space

Despite the social outbreak, users are still reluctant to take the first step with an opinion, the warmth that is applied in conjunction with the marketing strategy will help to create space in the user begin to feel safe.

Recognize the alien value

I must admit that, as a person, sometimes it is slightly frustrating to see how, the promotion of a content by another author or another means, unleashes more social action than one’s own. However, experience has taught me that universal laws are very present in this cycle and, just as I emphasize the quality of others, somewhere in a brand, is focusing on my content.

Break with structures

Following the rules and policies of behavior does not imply reducing our creativity, if an idea seems interesting in your mind and the analysis of the viable sample factors, go for it. Breaking with the established is the first step to achieve the impact.

Delegate and trust your employees

The key to succeed in the new hierarchy that prevails in the corporate culture, is to always keep in mind that the strength exists while there is the union of influences, delegate and trust your employees, allow them to show and interact as part of the brand and encouraging the construction of their particular influence around their actions for the brand, is today what defines a reliable brand.

Process simplification

Through crowdsourcing, taking advantage of outsourcing, using the tools and resources provided by the network and the advantages that underlie the construction of hyper specialized teams, customers, suppliers to influencers, simplifying processes and the actions, is key to generating confidence.

Have a voice of their own

The brands that are clear about their message and their objectives, know how to identify their target, that is where the brand building phase begins, simultaneously with the construction of a network composed of evangelized and loyal customers with the coherence of the voice of our brand and its fingerprint. Have a voice of your own and expose it to the fullest.

The metrics

The statistics and the derivatives of the interaction, detect and prevent crises as well as identify opportunities, are actions that become faster and more effective with the metrics in hand. Brands today build trust through united, demanding, trained and moving users. We need the help of statistics and common sense!

Remain silent, it’s part of relationships

In the same way that in our daily lives we are not talking permanently with our interlocutor if this influences the trust, in social networks it is much more reliable to remain silent, listening and taking advantage to reinvent ourselves, to interact without having anything shocking or high quality, what to show. Take advantage of downtime in the debate, to know more about the clients.

Be dynamic, networks are the medium

Actions in Social Media are the means that allow us to show when our message. We must be dynamic and proactive, both in our constant processes of specialization, as well as the ability to show them to the universe to which we aim. The more dynamic our brand is, the more confidence it will generate within the market.

Passion, before an irrefutable reality “we must believe the story”

Everything has changed, the priorities, the values, the objectives, the resources, the way to earn them, the needs, the beliefs, everything has been displaced. The current consumer has discovered that he has found the strength of the group, he knows himself more powerful because he has free access to information and has made social interaction his protective shield. Whatever the good or service we are selling, we need to convey how much we believe in its efficiency and how much of our own benefit we are willing to give up in pursuit of the joint benefit, which guarantees growth in the long term.

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