What Are Rubber Mouldings Used For?

If you are wondering what rubber mouldings are used for then you have come across the right article. This article is all about the uses of these in the industrial sector, and more specifically in the manufacturing and fabrication area.

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These are mouldings that are made out of a type of plastic (usually PVC) that is then inserted into a cavity or mould made out of metal (usually steel). This then creates the part or products that we see by pouring the liquid rubber into the moulds. It is a process that is used a great deal by a Rubber Moulding UK company like Meadex to make a number of different items for different business sectors across the world.

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Rubber mouldings are used for many reasons in the industrial world and especially in the automotive and marine industry as a means of creating the required parts for the different parts of an auto. One of the most common uses is to create the body shells of vehicles. Another common use is to create the shock absorbers for the cars, trucks and buses. And lastly the use is also used to create the skirts for the vehicles that go on the back of a truck.

In the automotive industry, you would be surprised at the amount of parts that you will find being made out of these mouldings. Apart from the body shells for vehicles, you will also see the boot and the trunk. Another great use of these would be the creation of the brake pads and calipers. There are so many other uses for these mouldings and you are only just beginning to scratch the surface.

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