Tips on Selecting the Right Partners for Your Business

The success of all businesses depends on the strength of their relationships. While the original seed or idea for a company may be attributed to a single person, nobody can run a company alone. It requires a complex network of vendors and suppliers; a reliable, dependable chain of partners, sponsors, and affiliates.

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In order to progress from an empty office space to a fully functioning, high performing market presence, you need IT software, a fast internet connection, telephone services, fax machines, comfortable furniture, and much more. Many of these resources, like IT facilities and solutions, are required on a constant basis, so it is really important that you build up strong relationships with partners that you can trust. It is also a good idea to have advice from a service like this Tewkesbury business coach as they will be a valuable source of support when making business decisions.

These handy hints and tips will help you pick vendors and suppliers that are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your company.

Establish Your Criteria

You can’t hope to make the right choice if you don’t first identify what you should be looking for. This is especially true of workspace location. There are all kinds of great virtual and serviced offices across Australia, which are committed to helping businesses find their dream address. You could, for example, decide to make Servcorp your business home. The provider operates eleven corporate facilities in Sydney alone, with scores more to choose from in Melbourne and Perth. So, decide which features you can’t be without and pick a location that can offer you all of them.

Follow a Standard Procedure

It can be tempting sometimes, particularly for start-ups, to immediately opt for partners that they know personally. For instance, you might have a friend or family member who runs a transportation business and can handle deliveries. However, making decisions based on personal connection is a fast track to conflict further down the line. Try to follow a standard procedure, every time; draw up a list of the best candidates, and make your choice based on cold, hard facts rather than who you feel a friendly connection with. You can always work on building up a rapport later.

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Put a Call Out for Bids

One of the simplest ways to identify the most promising partners, be they internet providers or office facilities, is to request a quote. That way, you can compare prices from the best vendors and get a feel for the going market rate. Or you can put a call out for bids online. This is kind of like a job advertisement of sorts. Interested parties will respond with details about pricing, raw materials (if applicable), their specific practices and ways of working, and whether or not they would be looking to negotiate on the terms that you have laid out.

Make Monitoring an Integral Process

It is imperative that you monitor the performance of all new partners and suppliers. If this is a vendor, you can keep track of how many deliveries are on time and how their rates compare to the rest of the market, for instance. Or, if you’re working from a serviced office, you might want to keep a record of things like IT outages, connectivity problems, and missed phone calls; none of which should be a problem if your provider is top of the line. Monitoring is a logical way to track performance and help you decide whether you want to sustain your relationship with a partner once the initial, introductory term is up.

Why Serviced Office Solutions Are a Fast Track to Success

If you have never considered operating out of a serviced office before, it is time to explore this highly efficient and practical option. The difference between a serviced office and a conventional one is that all of the onsite resources – the internet, phone lines, IT assistance, cleaning, and even heating bills – are taken care of, as part of a flat-rate monthly fee. You are leasing not just a workspace, but a fully equipped corporate headquarters.

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