The revolt of the consumer and the only solution for brands

Throughout the twentieth century, we have been accustomed to receiving an untruthful publicity and always wrapped in a beautiful bond. They have cheated us a thousand times and some more. Our complaints were rarely heard and practically never solved. The potential customer was his priority much earlier than the real, being clear, your complaints did not matter too much. Despite our helplessness and discontent, how much we could tell our close friends (Parents are always included) and some acquaintance, but little else. Things did not change.

Everything changes

The arrival of Web 2.0 has evolved and revolutionized everything. New habits have appeared in the population, and the truth is that it is very hard to be more than a few hours without being connected, without sharing information and of course, receiving and gossiping a bit. We have new tools to communicate, to make noise and show our discontent or, on the contrary, our satisfaction. From different platforms of the blogosphere, forums, microblogging to the dozens of existing social networks.

Your big problem

Now we have a voice and companies care or we should. We no longer trust traditional advertising (It has been many years, do not you think?) However, we value more the opinions and recommendations of others, are more objective and without opaque interests. Probably what you are reading is nothing new, but what is a reality, is that today, in August 2012, a large number of SMEs in Spain do not have a corporate website or have it obsolete. They do not control the comments that circulate about them in the digital environment and their interaction with consumers is practically null, without strategy or objectives.

Your only solution

  • Plan a communication strategy. There are many social networks, but this does not mean that it is necessary to be in all of them, it is important to know and analyze our target audience that we are looking for, so that our presence is totally effective.Before launching into the digital pool, it is essential to plan the desired objectives, and in what way we are going to achieve them. Promotions, content creation, interaction, feedback and closeness are some of the fundamental pillars of any online strategy.
  • Listening is the cornerstone of the digital game. The Internet provides us with information constantly about our company, business and even person. So it is essential to know the tools that help us control what is said about us. Flowers are not always what you hear.
  • Act. The Internet is fast, fast and constant . Therefore, our actions must have the same characteristics. For this, it is necessary to carry out a prevention plan in the event of possible negative comments and communication crises. It is important to emphasize that the barrier between the offline and the online world is becoming more diffuse.

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