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When the company was established in Levi Strauss’ hometown of Verezhikh in 1886 it was strictly a men’s company and only sold clothing for men. Over the years the company has expanded into a manufacturer of women’s clothing as well as all types of accessories including luggage, hats, sports equipment, and even furniture. Although the company is primarily known for its men’s clothing the corporation has made a lot of breakthroughs with their newer lines.

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One of the most popular trends that is continuing to grow in popularity is the trench coat. This particular style of coat has been worn by both the US military and the army since the Second World War but it was not until recent years that this style of coat was added to the line of clothing for men. Because of the popularity of this particular style of coat many other retailers have now started to carry the line of clothing for men who are looking for a more fashionable and sophisticated look.

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In addition to Levi Clothing for men like those that you can see at EJ Menswear the company makes great fashion accessories and handbags. One of the most popular handbags being manufactured today is the large shoulder bag. This fashionable bag is extremely practical because it is not only practical, it is also very convenient for traveling and can easily be used to carry a multitude of items from day to night. The shoulder bag is available in many different sizes and is also very functional and useful for everyday use.

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