The Benefits of Small Business Leasing

Leasing for business is growing in popularity across the UK for those looking for ways of obtaining affordable new vehicles. Leasing a few vehicles or a fleet of new cars and commercial vehicles is a way of accessing the transport you need, knowing you can hand the vehicles back and get new ones again at the end of the lease period.

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Company cars used to be the mark of success for a business. Used for business and leisure, they were grand, shiny symbols of success parked on your driveway. These days, it’s not so common to find company cars on offer and especially not grand, shiny ones. Now the focus is more on having cars that are efficient and economical, saving money for companies and setting a good image for the brand. Find out more about Car Leasing Bristol by visiting Autolyne, a provider of Car Leasing Bristol.

What options are available for a small business that might need just 2 or 3 cars? The two options are leasing or buying those vehicles. Leasing can help your company save money, which is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s tough economic climate.

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What does leasing involve? In a nutshell, it means that you get to drive a new vehicle, normally of a higher specification than you could otherwise afford. The concept of leasing is that the car is yours for the term of the lease, at the end of which you return it and hand it back to the leasing company. You are free to begin another lease with the latest car for a further term.

Therefore, you can see why this option would appeal to businesses. A business will pay a monthly fee calculated on how much the car is worth and its CO2 emissions. One monthly payment for each vehicle is a much simpler transaction.

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