One in five Millennials full of computers to access internet

The mobile phone has become the device Internet connection more important to most consumers: it is the device that accompanies us 24 hours a day, the first to retrieve the morning, the last thing we look at night , that’s where we talked with friends, we learn, play and even bought.

And every time we allocate more minutes a smartphone, while the computer sees as its importance is declining year after year. This is confirmed by a new study from comScore, where it is revealed that smartphones, alone, already account for half of all our digital time.

One in five Millennials full of computers to access internetIf in 2013 the computers hoarded 47% of our online time, must now settle for a cut 35%, while mobile devices have experienced a reverse situation, going from a share of 53% another 65% (these data have time spent both smartphones and tablets). In fact, one in five Millennials (children between 18 and 34 years) no longer never used a computer.

In any case, the distribution is not equal in all content categories, and while the computer continues to dominate in portals (where it occupies 69% of the invested time) or webs business and finance (58%) and hardly anyone maps query from the computer (94% of the time are queried via mobile device) or online play (88% of the time going to phone and tablet) or uses social networks.

Social networks are eminently mobile

And this is another area where the small screen has won the battle to the largest (and the difference sharpens year to year). So, if last year the computer still accounted for 26% of the time we spent platforms like Facebook or Twitter, now only accounts for 21% (versus 79% of mobile devices).

In fact, all the time we devote to be online in the smartphone, a large percentage is destined to social networks, and among them is Facebook the big winner. Young destined to be on facebook via your mobile phone, on average, 20 hours per week, and almost all the millennials has entered into Facebook once through mobile (either via mobile web or – most commonly app) .

Thus, it stands to the other social networks, even light years Snapchat, whose rapid growth has earned him second place: via mobile phone is used in this network, on average, 6 hours per month. In any case, they are only 40% of respondents who used this network.

It should also be noted that if the use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram combined, the company’s Facebook accounts for more than one of every five minutes users spend with your mobile.

Although social networks and messaging services are one of the main uses that we give the mobile Internet is not the only one who has grown lately.Thus, the report shows that consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to purchase and purchases related activity. Currently, mobile purchases account for 17% of all purchases made (a low percentage, but well above the 11% two years ago), and sectors that show a better conversion are video games, toys and sports / fitness.

although mobile now accounts for 60% of time spent online shopping-related activities, only 16% of all money spent: However, a paradox which shows that the mCommerce has a long road ahead given in electronic commerce comes from these devices.

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