Media Planning: How to know in which media to publish?

In a Media Planning, the fundamental thing not so much where to publish, but rather to whom and how we want to arrive. Therefore the choice of media where our media strategy will be developed is very important. On the one hand we have the media where it is important to participate publicly, and on the other hand, those that are good to appear but at the content level.

Media and how to appear is the result of a prior investigation and analysis, which takes into account the audience we want to reach and their information consumption habits. The world of communications is changing to a bilateral concept that revolutionizes each medium and places the Internet as one of its fundamental pillars in this new development, web 2.0 as it has been called, is the beginning of a completely 2.0 communication era.
Investigate the audience The main thing is to investigate who we want to reach, their information consumption habits, the relevant media, the media where they expect to find credible suppliers of our products and above all media that they consider as references and whose content is of utility for your work. Always focused on BtoB business or Industrial Marketing This can be done with surveys, preferably one-to-one type, always considering the person and taking a representative sample, which can be certain key positions of representative clients.
Each industrial sector or type of business requires having a sample for yes in a way to really identify the variables to take into consideration. Magic comes a little in the analysis and segmentation that is made of this study, where the theories of communication help us to know how to structure the message to reach this audience , design, messages, or content.
Choice of means with the results of the audience study can be derived the media where it is necessary to place the warning, and the media where it should infer in its content. Review the relationships and work capacity with the environment and then focus the strategy through That means. If you work with media that are already with the 2.0 concept, the important thing is to awaken the interest in the users of the medium to participate in the contents proposed and promoted by us.
In summary, choose the media in which to publish or develop strategy s press, is a very serious point of Media Planning, as important as the message to develop. The media should be those that are respected by our target audience, and that are a source of reinforcement for them when they want to find something related to our offer.

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