LinkedIn buying newsle to strengthen its commitment to the contents

The contents are the kings of the network and the latest acquisitions of the leading internet companies confirm this. Social networks need content to get hold the attention of users and content are the key to streamline its operation.

Neither Twitter nor Facebook would be the same without the information shared by users and without those same users as the utilization point to learn what’s going on at all times. And to compete with it, other social networks have to become a point of information, albeit in a highly specialized form.

LinkedIn has just closed the purchase of newsle, a focused platform, as they themselves define, to “provide important information about people bothering you.” They have 3 years of life and 2 million users. What LinkedIn has paid for newsle is a mystery, because the social network is not unveiled – despite questions from US media – and although it is a listed company, only has an obligation to provide figures on purchases that represent disbursements above certain market figures.

LinkedIn buying newsle to strengthen its commitment to the contentsWith the purchase, more than a LinkedIn mark is made with the technical team behind the tool and algorithms that have enabled build the product. How does newsle? The solution focuses on the contacts of the user’s network, to learn what and who cares and do after selecting curator functions relevant content on these matters and people. Users are alerted quickly when new relevant information on that topic occurs and thus can better understand the industry in which it moves. As a LinkedIn points in the post on its corporate blog announcing the acquisition, they try to help make better business decisions.

The attractiveness of content

But knowing more about others is not only a tool to make better business decisions, it is also a way for the social network to know a little more about its users ( you ‘ll know what interests them) and, of course, to add a new layer of content to the network. LinkedIn has been doing in recent years, development or purchase through. In recent times, it has added features for its users to post longer updates (as notes, as in Facebook) or photos, videos and accompanying presentations and has purchased Press, one of many rivals Flipboard.

Press joined with solutions LinkedIn and follow the same path, as has already confirmed the social network itself, newsle, but for the moment remain there as a standalone product. How they will do after their services to become part naturally what already offers social network will be a matter of waiting to see it.

LinkedIn is not the only one who has tried to strengthen its proposed content. Even Twitter and Facebook, which are the queens in social media as it relates to share and discuss information they have. Twitter has added Vine, which allows short videos and share them, and tested with specific solutions for other information, such as Twitter Music (and even rumored to buy SoundCloud ). Facebook, meanwhile, is the one who has followed the more aggressive strategy, trying to become multiple times and not only on the road to share information but also on the support. The apps within the social network were one of the first attempts, but has since tried many other possibilities, as their alternative to Flipboard, Paper.

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