Keeping Employees Protected and Informed on Highways

If your employees spend a lot of time working on major highways then one of your main concerns as the business owner should be their safety. Heavy traffic and moving vehicles can pose significant dangers to your employees if they are working on the side of the road. As well as giving them all the necessary equipment, you must also ensure they are well-educated on how to stay safe while at work. In this article, we will explore some ways to help ensure all of your employees stay protected and informed when working on highways.

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Providing your employees with the right equipment is one of your main priorities as their manager. You should ensure they all have the correct PPE to try and prevent injuries and accidents. This can involve steel-toe boots, hard hats and high-visibility clothing. Having clothing that makes your employees visible is vital when they are working on highways. If road users cannot see someone, there is a higher chance that they may accidentally collide with them, causing serious injuries. By ensuring your employees wear clothing with high visibility strips, they can easily be spotted by road users even during darker conditions.

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As well as making sure your employees are visible to road users, it is also essential that you provide high visibility to their vans and equipment to ensure their entire workstation is visible. You should ensure all of your employees carry cones and barriers with high visibility markings that they can place around the area where they are working. This will help to ensure road users give them plenty of space when they are driving past. You can also install Chapter 8 chevrons onto the rear of your employee’s vans, to ensure they are visible when parked on the side of the road. You can purchase Chevron Kits and install them yourself. You can get these kits from a company such as

You should regularly ensure that your employees are up to date on all their training for working on highways. If you hire a new employee, you should insist they go through all the necessary training before beginning work so you can make sure they know exactly how to stay safe. If there are new regulations brought in by the government, you should quickly educate all of your employees to ensure they are meeting all regulations to stay safe.

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