Keep the damp out of the roof

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Damp is never a great thing to appear in any part of the home. Whether it is rising damp coming up through the floor due to a cracked damp course or one of the walls is showing a susceptibility to getting too exposed to water from excessive rainfall if it starts to happen it needs to be dealt with. One of the worst places is if it starts to appear on the roof. This can start to have a detrimental effect on the eaves and joists in the roof so that the trusses (although they should already be treated) may start to suffer. If this is an issue it is time to start thinking about looking at what is going on on the roof.


If there is a leak one of the easiest and quickest ways for it to be fixed is with the use of some Roof sealant from CT1. This friendly and professional service will come out and assess the damage and then apply the sealant so that you don’t have any further issues.

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If the problem is not looked at and contained you are starting to store up some major issues later on. For example, if the leak is left the wood will become saturated. This can allow for mould and mildew growth that will weaken the trusses and make the structure weak. If there is any heavy snowfall you could see the roof be in trouble of collapse. In other cases the loft insulation will become saturated with damp. This will start to stain the paintwork of the ceiling and also cause structural issues.

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