Internet and the key thematic channels of advertising investment

The  two years have been marked by decreases in advertising investment in media by 20% in 2009 and 11% in 2008, but 2010 has been the year in which it has been maintained thanks to the increase in investment in Internet and the thematic television channels that have assumed the investment of TVE.

According to a study by the Zenthinela advertisers panel, print media are those that have suffered the most from the decline in investment due to the crisis. The reasons given for this situation is the loss of weight in an increasingly digital world despite the fact that the advertising investment does not move with equal speed to the new media.

Since October, most media have seen how advertising investment has improved. In the case of general television, the increase was 2.9%, which meant an increase in advertising prices by 30%.

This year an average growth of 0.4% is expected. Internet will lead with 12%, especially in search engines and sponsored links, followed by general television with 2% and the thematic channels with 10% and, finally, the 1% that the radio will grow. The rest of the media will experience a decrease in advertising investment but lower than the one suffered in the last three years.

Advertisers, meanwhile, expect investment in social networks to reach 20.8 million euros, almost 40% more than the estimate expected at the beginning of 2010, a figure that in the case of blogs could mean 8, 2 million euros. The format that will most stand out is the video, whose investment could reach 11.2 million euros.

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