How to speed up your restaurant service

The speed at which you serve your customers can make them choose to patronise your restaurant over that of the competition, whether it is a takeaway outlet or a seated fine dining establishment.

Customers want more than great service. Customers also expect speed. They are familiar with fast-paced environments, whether working or during leisure.

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The following can be used to measure the service of your restaurant:

  • Time between a client making an order, and when it is delivered at their table.
  • When a client requests the bill, how long does it take for the server to deliver it?

Use table reservations

A table reservation system is a solution that’s often overlooked, but can have a major impact on customer satisfaction.

When people arrive in a restaurant and find that all tables have been booked, they might not be willing to wait for a new table to open up. They may choose to go to another place.

You will eventually lose customers who enjoy your cuisine but do not like waiting. When a client makes a booking, you can allow them to pay and pre-order their meals. You can increase service speed in your business by serving delicious food soon after the client is seated and with the help of a Restaurant Pager from a site like

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You can let your team concentrate on a great experience, instead of worrying about how fast they can take orders.

Remember that some people will forget or choose not to make reservations and just turn up hoping to find a spot. It is best to not fully book your restaurants on busy days. Leave one or two open tables for walk-ins.

Create a waiting area on your terrace or bar where customers can relax and order drinks while they wait for their table.

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