How to package your items for delivery

You have important items to have delivered to either customers or perhaps other businesses that you supply goods to. You have organised pickup and delivery using a Same Day Courier Bracknell way such as UKTDL but you have no idea how to have this prepared ready for their arrival.

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Take a look at our top tips for packing your items ready for delivery.


It is important to have an idea of the weight of you packing and this means weighing your packing material as well as the item that is going to be placed inside. You might need to give this weight information as well as the dimensions of any boxes to your courier in order for them to ensure that they can give you the correct price.

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Next you will need to put your item inside your box and it may be necessary to use packaging items such as bubble wrapper or package filler to ensure that your item is safe during delivery and to keep it from moving around inside the box.


You should then seal your box using parcel tape and it makes sense to add a couple of layers of parcel tape to the box to ensure that it is sealed correctly. The address label will then need to be added to the outside of the box. You may have to make this yourself or your chosen courier may send you a label to print out and place on  your box. All you have to do then is to leave your parcel out for collection.

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