How to clear for a construction site

With an increasing demand for land to build new commercial or residential projects the use of brownfield sites is increasing. This is a good idea as it means that less and less of the green belt is used. Many of the brownfield sites are located within the city or town centre. In some cases they are part of redundant industrial areas. In some cases the existing buildings can be used to accommodate the new sphere of activity but for the most part the site will need to be cleared. This can be quite a large scale operation and there are many techniques that need to be employed to clear it.

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Firstly the existing structures will need to be demolished if not being recycled. This will involve the use of several heavy duty pieces of equipment. Wrecking vehicles that can take down a building within minutes are employed to clear the unwanted structures. This involves the wrecking ball swing system employed on JCB’s. Once the rubble is accumulated using Diggers the waste will need to be removed.

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This is where a Grab Lorry Hire Gloucester company like come into play. The Grab lorry is a large vehicle that has an extension grab arm that pick up huge amounts of rubble. This reduces the need for extra vehicles and saves considrable time as the waste is taken direct off site to the recycling yard or moved to another area for hardcore.

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