How does a vacuum conveyor work

In many industries there is only one way to move things around the warehouse or the business area. This is where a vacuum conveyor comes in. It is a high pressure product delivery system that can move difficult items around the place with ease. One of the many suppliers of the vacuum conveyor system. They can work with you to make sure you have a bespoke system for your business and how it can improve it.

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How does a vacuum conveyor work? It’s actually quite a surprisingly easy system to operate and use. It’s helpful to know that it’s relatively cheap on power usage as well. That is certainly a big consideration for everyone at the moment and businesses are not immune.

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The vacuum conveyor works like this. At one end you place the canister or pod that will contain the item that you want to send down to the other end of the factory. Intricate piping is laid, wide enough to allow the passing of the pod. Pressure is applied at one end of the tube. This pressure builds behind the pod until, inevitably, it fires the pod down the tube and reaches its destination.

Whilst it might be hard to imagine, the vacuum is a lack of air that causes the pod to move by creating the pressure required. It’s not even that new a technology, the system has been around for many decades and is well established.

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