How Businesses Can Benefit from Storage Containers

Storage containers are multifunctional. The main uses are outlined below, together with examples of the types of business that can use utilise them and the benefits.

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Business Uses

1. To Run Your Small Business From

Storage containers can be adapted to business premises such as offices fairly easily – think a few built into walls, a coat of paint, decoration and connection to electrics and the internet. This flexibility can enable you to create a unique space for your business. Although there are costs involved, and planning permission may be needed, this sort of arrangement could still be cheaper than renting a store in the centre of a big city.

2. To Use as a Workshop

A workshop could be the perfect premises for a workshop, whether you are an existing tradesperson or want to turn your hobby into a business. It can be a great space for storage and also for you to work your magic without distraction. Having separate premises also potentially frees up space in your home/garage.

3. To Hold Stock

Nearly all businesses, especially retail, have some sort of stock requirement. A storage container is a great solution and ensures you don’t have to hold stock in your home.

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If you are looking for advice on shelving Ireland has a number of experts and suppliers. When it comes to the inside of a storage container and shelving Ireland based companies can offer a number of potential storage solutions.

Businesses That Could Potentially Be Run from a Container

– Cafe/restaurant
– Beauty salon
– Photography
– Solicitors
– Accountants

Why Storage Units Can Be Great for Businesses

– Secure/safe – shipping containers are designed to be secure so valuables are locked away inside.

– 24-hour CCTV – most storage units are situated together with others, and the areas will often have surveillance cameras that record all day every day. This gives peace of mind that belongings will be safe.

– Airtight – most storage units are airtight and well ventilated, meaning that belongings are protected from dust and the elements.

– Lighting – lighting can be installed in containers fairly easily, meaning belongings can be seen and accessed with ease.

– Electrics – electric sockets can be easily installed in these containers, making it simple to power electrical equipment.

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