Garden Jobs for the Winter Months

If you have spent all of the spring and summer making your garden beautiful, don’t let it all get destroyed during the winter! Here are a few things that you can do to protect your garden from the worst the winter weather can throw at it and how you can use the time to make improvements ready for the spring…

Keep plants safe from the frost – The cool nights can bring on a frost which can kill some plants, so it is important to keep them safe over the winter. Move plants into a greenhouse if you have one, or if not, you can buy a special protective covering to stop the frost from getting to them over the winter.

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Do some repair work – As well as plants, the weather can also damage your fences, so make sure that you check them regularly particularly during times of high winds – if you notice any damage get it repaired straight away to prevent further damage. You can also repair garden equipment such as lawnmowers over the winter – you can buy Briggs and Stratton parts from Briggs Bits.

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Keep it Tidy – Falling leaves are a part of nature, but they don’t look great scattered all over the lawn, so make sure you rake them regularly to keep the garden looking its best. If you decide to have a bonfire with them, make sure you check underneath for hedgehogs who may be hibernating.

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