Customers remain loyal to brands that exceed their expectations

The customer loyalty is not a matter of age or attends economic reasons. In accordance with the study showing StrongView and Edison Research, customers remain loyal to brands, apart from the advantages that they can offer for your pocket.

The survey “Brand Loyalty Survey” indicates that there is no relationship in the age of consumers and their degree of connection with the brand. This degree of linkage is between 17 and 19 percent, and is applicable to consumers of 18-54 years.

Customers remain loyal to brands that exceed their expectationsNothing less than 1 in 4 consumers declaring loyal to a brand. The profile of these dedicated fans not correspond to that of a middle-aged mother, or the customer with large income. it is true that women stand out as major buyers, but with a slight difference compared to men (53% vs 47%). In terms of purchasing power, we can conclude that mostly belong to the middle class.

Discounts are not the main incentive to win and maintain their loyalty. When betting on a brand, 80% takes into account the quality of their products, while 47% supports the ability to influence economic advantages. On the other hand, 61% of these customers always prefer to buy products of the same brand.

Customers respond to this loyalty spending up to 4 times more than average at branded products, with purchases 13% higher than the rest, and with the triple frequency. On the other hand, they are more willing to recommend the brand in their environment.

These recommendations are also translated into purchases. 77% of respondents have purchased a product from the recommendations received.

On a scale of 1 to 10, these customers react to the actions of marketing of brands when they have been able to live up to their expectations (8.7);when evoke past episodes lived with them (8.6); if they meet your needs (8.6); They receive them in a timely fashion; or they propose a useful solution to a specific problem (8.4).

The e-mail marketing stands out greatly as the strategy works best when these consumers to take action (51%). On the other hand, 28% of these customers bought from online ads, while 14% followed directions from other customers, via offline or through messages on Facebook.

As is evident from the survey, there is some willingness to maintain the loyalty of customers. After all, we are creatures of habit. One advantage that brands can leverage their advantage. If they maintain their quality standards and customer pampering it deserves, they will get to position itself as the preferred option.

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