Customer Centric, vision that will make you succeed knowing and listening to customers

The key? Meet and listen to our best customers, learn and listen, learn and listen, and when we have done, we will know better and hear better. This gives us the possibility of segmenting power typologies then generates differentiating and unique value proposals. This segmentation has to go to the heart of our customers. What is the purpose of this vital customer segment? Why get up every morning? What makes them vibrate? That’s the question we have to answer.

Customer Centric, vision that will make you succeed knowing and listening to customersIt really is a process that can take a lot of time, dedication and use of complex techniques such as interviews, surveys, assessments, but eventually provides valuable results. This new concept shows that a company have not only customers, but customer types, different, heterogeneous including but homogeneous among other groups. With different interests and abilities.

We can count, for example, more sensitive consumers good services, quality products without evaluating the cost too; while there are those who are more concentrated in the most affordable prices, special offers. Both are interesting because they affect both the image of our company and the income from it; both require our attention and proposals, but always knowing what you need and what you deserve.

Did they die for attention from others or conversely love to enjoy more hedonistic pleasures? Have predictable, reliable or otherwise behaviors are explosive in nature? They feel comfortable repeating patterns of consumption or otherwise are eager for new proposals?

To trace the vision of our company Customer Centric these elements, learn and listen. This should be accompanied by offering different treatment to each of them. These are the primary ingredients for the sake of profitability, the emotional connection with our customers.

The newest on consumer behavior, concepts refer to the emotional factor and primitive brain as determining purchasing decisions and customer experiences. This is the field where growth companies have turned their marketing strategies: stories of life benefits that appeal to memories, habits and emotions of each person.

Understanding the differences of each client, the values and benefits mean and daily custom work, undoubtedly, will create greater bond with our consumers, will increase their satisfaction and preference over competitors, and make them more profitable.

Several interrelated and taxed to the benefit of businesses and customers elements. In practice, the more valuable customers are more profitable our business is done and the shareholders are willing to generate more investment, more resources reporting and revenue to the business. These benefits should be aimed at increasing the quality and customer satisfaction, who earn more own value and determines, again, in the decisions of the shareholders.

Is a complex and constantly changing process, but that the student of marketing Martin Zwilling has managed to define in one sentence: Customer Centric is a strategy to align the products and services of a company with the wishes and needs of the most valuable consumers, in order to gain more profits over the longer term.

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