comScore launches AdEffx, its new audience evaluation tool

comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the Europe-wide launch of comScore AdEffx (TM) Campaign Essentials, a powerful audience evaluation tool. The new online tool allows obtaining long-desired planning indicators in the field of digital media planning, including daily measurements of campaign results by targets and classic indicators such as coverage, frequency or GRPs.

“The figures recently published by IAB show increases of more than 20% in digital advertising investment and with growing budgets the need for this type of dynamic campaign information also increases,” according to Mike Shaw, director of Marketing Solutions at comScore. “We understand the need of our clients to have a continuous and dynamic vision of their campaigns, that is what AdEffx (TM) Campaign Essentials allows to do.” Advertisers and agencies can now verify, in a fast and solid way, that their digital campaigns reached to the right audience with the desired levels of coverage and frequency. ”

AdEffx (TM) Campaign Essentials began operating in the USA. in 2009 and has been progressively implemented in other markets, including Spain, for some of comScore’s main clients during 2010. Today comScore is pleased to announce that this product and its new interface are available for the entire European market.

Some of the main benefits of this tool are:

Verify the volume and audience profile achieved by the campaign
Optimize the media plan based on daily results
Compare with off line plans thanks to the use of identical indicators:
coverage, frequency and GRPs
Create targets on which to analyze the campaign results

“Campaign Essentials is an indispensable tool that helps us professionalize the internet and work at a level comparable to other media,” according to Pilar Merchante, research director at Zenith Media. “Not only does it allow us to take the pulse of our campaigns, but it also provides strategic guidelines for future campaigns.”

According to Nacho Suanzes, partner invention at Mindshare, “With Campaign Esentials we have gained consistency in the search of the effectiveness of our digital campaigns, thanks to Campaign Esentials we have managed to implement new digital measurement and purchase models, such as the i-GRP, which have meaning a radical change for the advertising investments of our advertisers. ”

“Campaign Essentials allows us to demonstrate how our advertising inventory reaches the desired audience, providing measurements of GRPs that facilitate comparison between media.” Microsoft wants to continue working with comScore to provide our advertisers with these excellent solutions. ” – Julie Forey, head of research, data & analytics at Microsoft Advertising

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