Companies communicate more and more through mobile marketing

Communication has always been the banner of marketing, and the media the main investment objectives of companies. Because for a long time, together with the quality of products and services, the most important thing for companies is to make themselves known, attract the attention of consumers and make them interested in their offers and news. However, technology has driven great changes in how to become visible in front of the public, and in what to communicate when you get your attention to generate a brand experience.

While traditional marketing strategies are unavoidable: outdoor campaigns, radio, TV and print media advertisements, they are not enough in themselves, because they lack something that today people expect: interactivity. In the words of the Professor of the Master of Digital Marketing of EUDE, Santiago Hernández , “in the training of future marketing professionals, emphasis is placed on the teaching of customer-oriented strategies, as well as the design of creative campaigns based on the use of internet and social networks because these are the means that make possible an instant connection with consumers, involving them and making them participants in the history of a brand or product. This is the new communication for a more effective marketing “.

At the same time, many people are predisposed to respond to advertising campaigns through their mobile phones with internet access. More than half of the mobiles in Spain are smartphones, and each time people choose them to be connected to news, promotions and alerts over the Internet. The increasingly active and enthusiastic role of consumers has driven the great growth of mobile marketing. However, it is worth asking if it is really useful to reach the results that companies are looking for.

“After the euphoria that has unleashed with its appearance, mobile marketing is giving way to more serene evaluations about its possibilities, which are quite good but not miraculous. You have to be realistic: mobile marketing alone is not the one that generates results, but it is the human team that is behind an advertising campaign. It is a means, not an end. There we have for example the indiscriminate use of QR codes, which attract their novelty but often lack objectives besides the mere use of the code, “reflects Santiago Hernández, completing that” despite everything, approximately every 15 seconds is specified atransaction through mobile devices, which is a good indicator of the effectiveness of campaigns designed for these teams . ”

The results are greater, according to Santiago Hernández, when a professional campaign is carried out, designed to offer interesting information with useful content for potential clients. If the content impacts and has added value, the virality of the campaign is guaranteed, as well as the positive link of consumers with the brand. The second part, the concretion of sales, is based on the security that the company offers in the virtual environment. In this regard it is possible to affirm that “the increase of the electronic commerce at global level is a fact, what shows that the confidence of the consumers goes also in increase “.

In addition to the companies that bet on mobile marketing and commerce through these devices, there are almost a third of companies, especially SMEs, which are more interested in providing excellent customer service and improve the experience when interacting with it, making it more loyal and launching the classic word of mouth advertising. For this, it also lends itself as a very interesting option the use of mobile, allowing the generation of instant and timely dialogues to resolve doubts immediately. “This is important especially because the client who uses his mobile device has little time and values ​​being treated with the same hurry that he inquires,” clarifies Santiago Hernández, without forgetting that”The use of social networks to serve customers is also a good idea, but only if they are familiar with its use. Otherwise, it does not make sense to use this channel. ”

Professor Santiago Hernández emphasizes that “in a society that is based mainly on consumption, competition is maximum. That is why the brands and companies with the best possibilities to excel do not only have good products or services to offer, but they use the new technologies to take advantage of them. Mobile marketing is one of them, if it is implemented with professionalism and creativity. “

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