Companies and brands must undergo a ‘Chip change’

As much as we talk about social networks as a phenomenon associated with technological innovation, as much as brands continue to be surprised by their failures in Social Media strategies when, apparently, everything is so simple and efficient, reality is presented to us as unavoidable: the way of doing business, has changed structurally.

Social culture, from the origins of our brand

Today it is necessary to have an online presence and for this, it is essential that the social culture has been imposed from the study of the mission and vision of our company.

Traditional marketing and advertising have ceased to have any validity, customers finally, have been driven by boredom and lack of initial credibility and confidence, has led them to ignore brands.

Once the online presence is more or less built and, in a scenario in which the lack of resources is a constant, it is convenient to start the phase of increasing presence, visibility and social action and for this, the generation of content has been transformed into the magnet of our target audience.

Tell stories, the best way to emotion

It is necessary to get rid of the meaning linked to entertainment, with which the contents of brands were traditionally defined. Today, it is the ability of companies to tell a story that will cause the impact and, to tell stories, you have to develop creative and planned teams.

It is necessary to leave the business model focused on sales of goods, services and products and start making a new business model where the generation of information and the transmission of new knowledge and points of view, is what allows new opportunities to be identified.

Delegate and trust, indispensable in the change of chip

It is evident that for this we must be able to put aside that maxim of the power of information. Today, everyone has free access to it, so the precepts on which we establish links with our clients (internal and external) must be based on credibility and, trusting and delegating, are the first steps to achieve motivated teams

A chip change of cultural nature that will require a long and constant adaptation process. The problem is that rejection of users today occurs in real time, if we establish strategies based exclusively on corporate intrusion, we will be expelled from the paradise of social media and our reputation will be seriously damaged.

The commitment, with the needs of the “community”

We need to accept that the relevance is now to identify what we can do for others and only from that awareness, social channels will open in all their splendor to the exaltation of a committed and influential brand.

Win the customer’s attention, impact with coherent, specialized and committed to their needs, give the answers that are promised and shape communities in which the benefit is, really, is essential to achieve customer attraction.

Committing to the resolution of our community’s problems is the key to achieving the chip change required by the new company today, which attracts but does not invade.

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