As the Superhero, the small businessman also needs superpowers

A superhero is a fictional character whose characteristics surpass those of the classic hero, generally with superhuman powers, and connecting with science fiction (Wikipedia)

The times are long away when it was enough to have a well located place, good product and be a little kind to make a living with a business or a small business. 

These days, a small business owner must compete against shopping malls, online stores, buying groups, private sales clubs and promotions of banks or newspapers, among others.

As if this were not enough, beyond the windows, technology changes the world at great speed, and customers, once docile and influenced, have become demanding, unpredictable and independent. To this we must add the threats that loom, like black clouds, on the horizon: free schedules, insecurity, lack of funding, absence of generational change, changes in the appearance of cities …

So these superheroes, like their colleagues in the fiction, they need a long list of superpowers to face the new enemies to which every day they present battle.

Professionalism , to know the product they sell and, thus, to be able to transmit to the client the advantages that they will obtain from their purchase.

Consumer behavior.Knowing the best possible customer is vital, since the contact is more personal than in other sales formats.

Interior . The efficient distribution of the sales space, the choice of furniture and the aesthetic balance will be decisive to attract the desired customer profile.

Window dressing . A good technique in this section will attract the attention of the passer-by and invite you to enter.

Merchandising . A correct presentation of the product and its supports will make the product sold only, or that this propitiates the beginning of the sale.

Marketing. Design a strategy that presents products and brands adapted to the needs of the client, to the demand of the moment and with the most appropriate price, will make the business more attractive and avoid wasting resources.

Branding . Building a brand with a differentiated corporate name and identity can provide the desired positioning in the chosen consumer group.

Customer experience . Essential added value, capable of transforming a visit to the trade or a purchase, in a memorable experience for the client. In this way, it is possible to position your business as the first purchase option in the customer’s mind, to make the buyer loyal and to enable the buyer to become the prescriber or ambassador of your brand.

Customer Support. An adequate customer service strategy will facilitate the relationship with them, the transmission of information, the resolution of claims and even the sale of additional products.

Advertising . Essential to transmit information, promotions or offers through the media.

Digital strategy . It is increasingly necessary to have an online strategy and social networks aligned with the marketing objectives outlined and to help create a relational and commercial channel complementary to the traditional one.

Sales techniques . The sale process is very delicate to leave it at random. A correct technique and, especially, an adaptation of the process to the new realities of the market, will increase the efficiency.

Cool hunting. Being up to date with the latest trends, even anticipating them, is a good way to offer the client what they are looking for, having had time to make a good strategy.

Human resources . Many times, the small business owner must select, hire, supervise and guide salespeople who will collaborate in achieving the necessary level of sales.

On many occasions, these hard-working superheroes, as happens in chapter by chapter comics, are defeating the villains, even at the cost of being reborn several times during their exciting lives. However, in some cases, even the superpowers are insufficient against some supervillains and, over the years, the list of missing superheroes continues to grow.

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