All industries still need business signage

Signage plays a vital role in any marketing strategy. Signage uses letters and symbols as a way to communicate with potential customers, reinforce brand image and draw attention to promotions and other information that the company wants to share. Signage is therefore one of the most important ways that a company can enhance its marketing strategy.

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It is important that your signage tells your customers what your company does, and why they would benefit from its services. Omitting these vital pieces of information can make or break your signage. Legal obligations should be adhered to. For example, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations site states that ‘registered charities’ must appear on all official documents for charity shops, including receipts.

Aesthetics is another important aspect of your signage. Retail signage is more effective when high-quality images and important information are displayed in large fonts, while less important information is displayed in smaller fonts. For Sign Makers Exeter, consider Nettl, a leading Sign Makers Exeter

Remember that signage is an offline tool to advertise your business. It is not intended to work the same way as a web banner. Online ads can include more information and dynamic effects to grab people’s attention. These ads can appear on different websites.

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Estate agents, for example, usually place signage in front every rental/for-sale property that they advertise. It is a cost-effective way for estate agents to promote their business. This is also acceptable because they provide a service that warrants the placement of a sign. Other types of businesses do not enjoy this level of freedom, and must therefore consider the costs associated with signage placement.

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