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How does a vacuum conveyor work

In many industries there is only one way to move things around the warehouse or the business area. This is where a vacuum conveyor comes in. It is a high pressure product delivery system that can move difficult items around … read more

Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses

Bookkeeping is an essential task for small businesses. Keeping track of your finances can help you make important decisions and protect you from penalties and liabilities. Investing in bookkeeping software can help you save on top of things. Image credit … read more

A journey to the badlands

One of the most satisfying and universal used tropes in stories is the how the villains, their evil kin, allies and servants (willing or not) live in a desolate place where nothing grows and could generally do with the help … read more

Common Accountancy Challenges Addressed

There are many factors affecting the accountancy industry, including things like tax reform, cybersecurity, staffing and emerging technology. Technology The advances in technology have huge impacts on both society and economics. Factors like automation and the emergence of artificial intelligence … read more

What is a transfer of equity?

Equity is the proportion/value of any property that you own outright. For example, if you have a house valued at £750,000 and the mortgage outstanding is £500,000 then the equity would be £250,000 (current value less the outstanding loan). Many … read more