Competitive Analysis of Social Networks Who wins in Automotive?

Audi has won BMW in the social media career based on data from the first sectoral social media report that this time has analyzed the automotive sector from SocialWin.

Audi has been the winner of our Social Media Engaged Company certificate. But … If BMW had at the time of the study the largest community of Facebook fans. And Toyota, however, with less community had more engagement? Where is the winner? Ah, on Twitter yes, Audi wins street in terms of how big is their community of followers. However, those who have more reproductions on Youtube are Ford and Toyota … and SEAT, Peugeot and FIAT, what do they do in social networks? Do your social media strategies work?

The complete report provides complete results, metrics, the indicators used, the qualitative assessments and the conclusions of each section and the global ones.

Some of the keys to the report

  • AUDI‘s global audience is far superior to its competitors, thanks especially to the large community they have in Twitter, added to Facebook and their correct work in YouTube.
  • The social network of videos highlights the level of FORD, TOYOTA and SEAT. The brand of Japanese origin accounts for 25% of the audience of the global channels and has the largest number of subscribers. It emphasizes that it has only 450 videos uploaded, which would indicate that premium quality of the content on the amount.
  • This is further demonstrated by the case of FORD, which with 250 videos has achieved almost 5 million views, thus achieving the greatest engagement of YouTube.
  • It contrasts with the great effort he has devoted PEUGEOT up lot of material over a thousand videos, yet has achieved the lowest rate display them.
  • SEAT is ranked second with values ​​5 times lower than AUDI on Twitter. Although it should be noted that they are far superior to other competitors. The fact that he makes good campaigns through Twitter in comparison to other brands influences qualitatively.
  • It should be noted that the best brands placed on Twitter make a good customer service through the network. However, it is not the two best positioned brands that have the best level of interaction with your community, if not BMW, FORD and TOYOTA.
  • On Facebook, TOYOTA is the leader because although it has one of the smallest communities in the sector (just over 16,000 fans at the time of study), many of them are active.
  • Who has a bigger audience in Facebook is BMW : 31% of the global audience analyzed belongs to him thanks to its more than 200,000 fans. But in proportion it has a low implication of the same ones. That is why his position is the third. SEAT is the latest in the ranking on Facebook given that its ratio of active fans (just over 1,700) and total fans (almost 60,000) is the most unfavorable.

It is the combination of the separate and combined analyzes of the qualitative and quantitative indicators that explains that AUDI has positioned itself in this first sectoral report of the Spanish social media as the first brand of the sector. But if you look at the report, we will see that all companies have identified points in which to improve or maintain in order to keep the ranking.

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