Five strategies for improving security with a visitor management system

The holiday period might be a fun time, but it’s not a good time to be lax on security. In fact, for some businesses, it might be a time when security is more important than ever. Here is a look at some steps you can take to improve security during this crucial period.

Holiday Period

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Hold a Review

The first step is to review your current processes and systems. Does anything need to be renewed and improved? Will anything be different over the holiday season security-wise, and will your processes need to temporarily adapt to accommodate this?

Controlled Entry

Controlled entry systems can greatly enhance security. It is possible to control the entry of foot traffic by using secure key card systems, and you can control vehicle access with the help of automated gates. This can greatly enhance a building’s security by giving much better control over who actually gains access. Keep in mind that even the best cybersecurity measures might not help much if someone gains physical access to your business’s computers.

Digital Sign In Systems

On a similar note, digital sign in systems such as those found at can also be a useful way to enhance security. These systems make it possible to keep track of who was on a site more precisely and accurately than paper sign in books. They also allow everyone on a site – staff, contractors and visitors – to be tracked in one place so it is not necessary to consult multiple sources of information.


A simple yet potentially very effective step is to work on making your existing security arrangements more visible. Most security measures operate on two levels. First, they perform their primary function, such as creating a physical barrier, recording images, or sounding an alarm in the event of a break-in. Second, they act as a deterrent to unauthorised people. The more visible these measures are, the better their deterrent effect.

Advanced Systems

There are some extremely advanced security systems on the market, ranging from invisible alarm sensors up to complex forensic tagging systems. For most businesses, these represent one of two extremes: unnecessary overkill or invaluable, ultra-effective security. It is well be worth thinking about which camp your business falls into and then either looking into or dismissing these kinds of high-tech systems accordingly.

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