What extent are mobile searches effective for sellers?

The mobile is already our faithful friend, this inseparable device accompanies 91% of adults in the United States. It is a very useful tool to stay connected at all times and places, as well as to facilitate access to information.

This year, the number of mobile searches is expected to match the number of mobile searches. In addition, mobile users experience special behavior when it comes to searching for information through this device.

To check how mobile searches are performed, iAcquire has conducted a survey in collaboration with SurveyMonkey, from which have been able to draw important conclusions:

What extent are mobile searches effective for sellersHow do users perform mobile searches?

According to the survey, conducted on the basis of SurveyMonkey data, 70% of mobile searches can become leads in an estimated time of one hour. In this maximum period, users find what they need. According to iProspect, 40% of consumers who clicked on an organic link with their smartphone bought at least one product within a year, motivated by that click. Although this may be somewhat exaggerated since it is a clock that not all mobile searchers end up buying, the data refers to the searches of those consumers willing to make a purchase during that time frame.

60% of users use their smartphone to look for information, compared to 40%, which is decanted by the tablet. In any case, consumers are already mobile, and it is extremely important that web pages are optimized for these handheld devices.

40% of consumers choose another search result, if the one you selected first does not lead to a web optimized for your mobile. Having a site that allows users to comfortably access information is at least as important as working SEO for mobile devices.

Mobile activity is compatible with other everyday tasks

New technologies have enabled users to develop their ability to handle multiple devices at once. Thus, the smartphone or the tablet coexists in harmony with the television or the desktop. The study reflects that a third of users tweet about the content that is broadcast on television. This is a great opportunity for brands, who can reinforce the notoriety of their advertising campaigns by deriving offline users to social networks, in order to continue the conversation and thus favor the approach of the brand to its target audience.

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