What are the most important aspects of our online strategy?

It costs a lot of time to build a good corporate reputation, and yet it is enough with 5 minutes to lose it. In the midst of a digital age, companies have serious problems in order to function with ease in social channels. Its importance as a channel of customer service and management of an adequate online reputation is crucial. These new media also require adequate strategic planning where it is essential to have a knowledge of each of the environments and platforms where we operate.

Therefore, companies must include online marketing actions and social networks within their budget line. But what are the aspects that we should focus on?

What are the most important aspects of our online strategyTo seek an adequate management of communities and social networks. Companies must keep up to date their social profiles, nourishing them with quality content and having a strategy that allows them to respond in a timely manner to the interactions of their users.

Have a web according to new times and new needs. Technology has advanced a lot, web 2.0 is a reality, therefore, the corporate portal of yesteryear has already become obsolete. Users need to interact with the content, share it, comment on it and even make their own contributions. This will only be possible if the company has a site adapted to these needs, with new functionality and options for customers.

Monitoring and monitoring of online reputation. The good name of the brand can be seen at any time. This type of setback does not have to concentrate on one of the corporate profiles, but can have a place in the social profile of the client, another company, a blog or forum in the sector. Something that implies an effort on the part of the company to trace the social panorama and to detect this type of actions, in order to act properly and to mitigate its consequences. It is therefore necessary to have sufficient resources and personnel in this area.

Work the geolocation. Users are increasingly demanding more information on the street, looking for the service they need in their immediate environment. To do this, it would be advisable to register the company profile on Foursquare or Yelp, work on your Google Places tab or create actions targeted to your local environment.

Improve the user experience on smartphones. More than half of the local searches are already done through mobile devices; A demand that will only grow in the coming years. Google, currently registers more than 100 billion monthly searches. Therefore, the company must optimize its strategy in this sense, using the tools at its disposal, in addition to having a site optimized for mobile.

Develop actions to encourage engagement and interaction. In addition to having an optimized site, having social profiles configured and monitoring the social conversation, the brand must have initiatives that move its target audience. The creation of quality content, the launching of contests where users must actively participate, creating content and interacting later. It is about dynamizing the community, moving to action and making users respond. Far from focusing on push campaigns, bet on attraction marketing and creativity to not leave anyone indifferent.

Are you doing well in the 2.0 environment or is digital marketing a pending subject?

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