Web Analytics is the compass of all online business

Tristán Elósegui, is one of the leading exponents in Web Analytics and Online Marketing. Their answers make clear the need for companies to measure the results achieved with their activity on the Internet to identify successes and “correct errors”.

Linked to Online Marketing since 1999, Tristán Elósegui has witnessed the constant evolution of a discipline where, due to his work, he manages to be a reference among the Internet professionals. From that primitive stage in which “things were learned on the fly,” Elósegui actively participates in a scenario full of tools that, used strategically, are synonymous with opportunities for improvement for any online business.

Web Analytics: The power of measuring results on the Internet

In this recent interview with the search engine positioning agency Webpositer, Elósegui insists on the importance of measuring actions derived from the presence on the Internet of any company. In the words of this professional of Online Marketing, “Web Analytics is the compass of all online business” because, in the study of the activity undertaken in a web, specific campaigns or its activity in social networks, is the key to determine if the actions carried out work or have not reached the marked objectives.

In fact, Tristán ElóseguiIt frames the importance of Web Analytics in a key moment of economic crisis like the current one where “it is fundamental that companies obtain the maximum return for every euro invested”. In the analysis of the web metric is the answer to correct wrong decisions and “do more and better” the successful actions, being a serious error “not to set objectives and concrete metrics”.

Elósegui, creator of one of the best Online Marketing blogs and co-founder of The Monday Reading Club, expands the catalog of advantages offered by Web Analytics. Beyond evaluating results, your data is essential to “analyze the process of buying / selling the web” and work on its improvement. Moreover, the study of web statistics provides data on the behavior of users, essential to optimize the overall strategy of online marketing of a business on the Internet.

Objective, strategy and perseverance: The keys to success

Fruit of his experience, the co-author of The Art of Measuring – Manual of Web Analytics(Profit) together with Gemma Muñoz affirms conclusively that it is not possible to guarantee the visibility of a business on the Internet. However, it offers some “basic tips” that lead the way: Work on the best possible value proposition for the product / service offered; determine the purpose of the presence of an Internet business by designing a well-defined strategy and message “focusing all efforts in that direction”; and be constant working with strategic vision positioning of that website.

Admired by the ability of the Internet to provide almost daily “new opportunities to improve our strategies and results”, Tristán Elósegui ends the interview predicting that the most immediate future will be dominated by content marketing and mobile marketing.

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